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Cinnamon and Diabetes – This Treatment is No Joke! Cassia cinnamon might decrease blood sugar. As you know, it is widely used in preparations of mouth- watering desserts and many other cuisines that are consumed daily. As many readers have pointed out, cassia cinnamon contains a compound called coumarin, which is toxic to the liver and can cause potentially irreversible damage. I understand that there are two kinds of cinnamon, cassia and Ceylon.
I have read on your website that people with diabetes can take cinnamon to help control blood glucose levels. That’ s where they make you drink some sugar water to see how well your body can keep your blood sugar levels under control,. Terry Graedon, PhD, is a medical anthropologist and co- host of The People’ s Pharmacy radio show, co- author of The. It can also fight chronic inflammation, which causes and aggravates diabetes. Cinnamon and Diabetes: An Update. Cinnamomum cassia, the most common type, has more coumarin than. Which Cinnamon Is Better for Blood Sugar? What is the Best Cinnamon to Use? Does Cinnamon Lower Blood Sugar & Help You Fight Diabetes? Cinnamon for Diabetes. It might be better to choose Ceylon cinnamon over cassia. Cinnamon can lower blood glucose, increase glucose sensitivity, and lower postprandial glucose spikes. It makes a slight chocolate- cinnamon flavor to the coffee to go with added health benefits. 12 SIDE EFFECTS OF CINNAMON. Surgery: Cassia cinnamon might lower blood sugar and might interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. Of the 11 studies, 7 used cassia cinnamon, 1 used Ceylon cinnamon, while 3 did not specify if Ceylon or cassia cinnamon was used.
August 21, June 27, by admin The link between cinnamon and diabetes for glucose control is arguably the most talked about of any natural diabetic treatment. We know that cinnamon is so good at controlling one’ s blood sugar that you can cheat on a diabetes test by consuming two teaspoons of cinnamon the night before your glucose tolerance test. Definitely, anyone who has liver disease or liver problems should avoid taking this type of cinnamon. One study published in found that a 500 mg capsule of cinnamon taken twice a day for 90 days improved hemoglobin A1C levels — a reflection of average blood sugar level for the past two to three months — in people with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes ( hemoglobin A1C levels greater than 7.
When type 2 diabetics were given cinnamon supplements in doses ranging from 120 to 6, 000 mg/ day for 4– 16 weeks ( depending on the study), all studies reported some reduction in fasting blood sugar levels. Cassia cinnamon diabetes control. Cinnamon may help lower blood sugar and fight diabetes by imitating the effects of insulin and increasing glucose transport into cells ( 6). Cinnamon is one of the most aromatic, in the spices family. ” Not All Cinnamon Can Help Control Blood Sugar Equally: Not all cinnamon in the supermarket is the same. Stop taking cassia cinnamon as a medicine at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery. It can also help lower blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity, making insulin more efficient at moving glucose into cells.

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